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The Financially Simple podcast is your one-stop resource for small business owners. Gain unique insights into growing, refining, and selling businesses. You will hear ways business owners have reduced their tax liabilities, increased their income, improved office morale, saved for the retirement of their dreams, and more.
Host Justin Goodbread is a serial entrepreneur, award-winning CFP® (Certified Financial Planning professional), CEPA® (Certified Exit Planning Advisor), and CVGA® (Certified Value Growth Advisor) with years of experience guiding business owners from start to exit in their business.

Jan 21, 2019

In episode 123 of Financially Simple, Justin lists his tips for managing Accounts Payable.

Keeping track of expenses and making sure the bills are paid on time! Justin gives 19 tips on how to best manage the tasks, and creating a best in class systems that will be able to operate with minimal interference by the Business Owner.

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00:31 - Tips for Managing Accounts Payable

01:40 - 1 - Start Early

02:50 - 2 - Get Your Workers Focused

04:21 - 3 - Have Effective Communication

05:36 - 4 - Don’t forget the Human Factor

06:19 - 5 - Apply the 5W1H approach

07:16 - 6 - Adopt the RACI Model

08:38 - 7 - Follow the KISS Principle

08:52 - 8 - Encourage Your Team to Share Ideas

09:29 - 9 - Simplify the Accounts Payable Process

10:20 - 10 - Review Records for Optimisation

11:09 - 11 - Cross Off Finished Items

11:18 - 12 - Batch Similar Tasks Together

12:09 - 13 - Delegate Tasks to People with the most Experience to complete them

12:15 - 14 - Manage Risks Intelligently

12:38 - 15 - Know the Status of a Particular Workflow

13:13 - 16 - Leverage Technology

13:50 - 17 - Reduce Accounts Payable Fraud

15:21 - 18 - Vendor Terms may be Negotiable

16:05 - 19 - Reduce CFO impact to Verification Process

16:41 - Wrap Up



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