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Financially Simple Business

Oct 21, 2019

In episode 201 of Financially Simple, Justin gives an outline of Diversification for Investing.

Just as you shouldn’t invest solely in your business, you should also avoid investing in only one or two portfolio options outside of your business. Justin looks at the process of Diversification: what it is, why it’s a...

Oct 17, 2019

In episode 200 of Financially Simple, Justin revisits the topic of investing outside of your Business.

As a Business Owner, most of your wealth is tied up in your business and you plan on unlocking that wealth when you decide to sell or retire - but what if you can’t sell, or don’t get the best possible deal? Justin...

Oct 14, 2019

In episode 199 of Financially Simple, Justin considers the investment strategy of Timing the Market.

When to buy, when to sell; when to invest, when not to invest - these are questions most investors ask; but, the answers are not as simple or straightforward as they might hope.  Justin explains what Timing the Market...

Oct 10, 2019

In episode 198 of Financially Simple, Justin continues with the Investing 101 Overview, looking at Dollar-Cost Averaging.

Dollar-Cost Averaging is a simple investment method that takes the complexity of reading the market and timing your investment strategy out of the equation. Justin looks at the pros and cons of...

Oct 7, 2019

In episode 197 of Financially Simple, Justin continues with the Investing 101 Overview, and explains Rebalancing and Target-Band Rebalancing.

Buy Low Sell High: this is the core principle of Rebalancing in a nutshell, knowing when to and factoring in considerations such as Contributions and Withdrawals adds a layer of...