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The Justin Goodbread Show

The Financially Simple podcast is your one-stop resource for small business owners. Gain unique insights into growing, refining, and selling businesses. You will hear ways business owners have reduced their tax liabilities, increased their income, improved office morale, saved for the retirement of their dreams, and more.
Host Justin Goodbread is a serial entrepreneur, CFP® (Certified Financial Planning professional), CEPA (Certified Exit Planning Advisor), and CVGA (Certified Value Growth Advisor) with years of experience guiding business owners from start to exit in their business.

Aug 31, 2020

In episode 292 of Financially Simple, Justin gives his thoughts on buying an expensive new toy to treat yourself as a Small Business Owner.

Perhaps you’ve had a phenomenal few months, with your business thriving through the pandemic, or perhaps it’s been tough and you want to let off some steam. Either way, Justin...

Aug 27, 2020

In episode 291 of Financially Simple, Justin and family are on vacation but still take some time out to discuss the importance of taking a break.

Small Business Owners are some of the hardest working individuals in any given industry, working 70+ hours a week, which can be exhausting. Justin, Miss Emily, brother-in-law...

Aug 20, 2020

In episode 290 of Financially Simple, Justin is joined by David Kent to give a short pep talk to all the Business Owners out there.

The global Coronavirus pandemic is still a factor for many businesses trying to operate at the moment. Justin and David provide words of encouragement, not to give up during this hard time,...

Aug 17, 2020

In episode 289 of Financially Simple, Justin talks to Dan Rawls of Trustegrity about the importance and value of connecting to other professionals.

There’s more to networking than having a high number of contacts, it’s about how deep the connections that you have are. Justin and Dan discuss how to go about building...

Aug 13, 2020

In episode 288 of Financially Simple, Justin talks to Ryan Stanley and Kaleb Buckner of Always Abounding video production services about using video social media to boost business growth.

The internet and social media platforms offer an opportunity to leverage affordable media marketing campaigns to grow businesses....