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The Justin Goodbread Show

The Financially Simple podcast is your one-stop resource for small business owners. Gain unique insights into growing, refining, and selling businesses. You will hear ways business owners have reduced their tax liabilities, increased their income, improved office morale, saved for the retirement of their dreams, and more.
Host Justin Goodbread is a serial entrepreneur, CFP® (Certified Financial Planning professional), CEPA (Certified Exit Planning Advisor), and CVGA (Certified Value Growth Advisor) with years of experience guiding business owners from start to exit in their business.

Jul 30, 2020

In episode 284 of Financially Simple, Justin is joined by David Kent to talk about the return of business to the relative normality of a post-COVID world.

With the Coronavirus pandemic seeming to turn the corner and businesses having made adjustments to their business strategies, it’s important to take stock and...

Jul 27, 2020

In episode 283 of Financially Simple, Justin is joined by Jeff Jeter to discuss whether or not, as a Small Business Owner, you should buy or lease a vehicle.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic affecting our finances and remote work, it might be time to consider either buying a vehicle or leasing one to make the most of...

Jul 23, 2020

In episode 282 of Financially Simple, Justin, Brandon Jordan, and special guest Tom Barrick of Waldron H. Rand & Co. discuss the benefits of a forwarding thinking CPA on your Team.

As a Business Owner building your Success Team, it is important to have the right players on your side. Justin, Brandon, and Tom continue...

Jul 20, 2020

In episode 281 of Financially Simple, Justin and Jeff Jeter go over the different types of debt and how to use debt to your advantage.

Most people fear the word Debt, but is it all bad? Justin and Jeff talk about their own personal experiences of having to deal with debt, and discuss the differences between...

Jul 16, 2020

In episode 280 of Financially Simple, Justin goes over the Payment Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Application Form 3508EZ.

The PPP Loan Forgiveness form is intended to provide financial relief for business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic. Justin looks through the different sections of the application form to...